2022 Beekeeping Workshops
2022 Beekeeping Workshops
2022 Beekeeping Workshops

2022 Beekeeping Workshops

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Bee Wise Farms offers a variety of workshops for beekeepers looking to improve their knowledge and overwintering success. Our expertise in successfully keeping bees in some of the harshest climates in the US have made our workshops highly sought after and these offerings will sell out.

Additionally for 2022, all of our hands-on workshops and open apiary hours are eligible to count towards hands-on experience credit for the Great Plains Master Beekeeping course through University of Nebraska Lincoln. To learn more about GPMB click this link https://gpmb.unl.edu/

Below are our 2022 workshops available to the general public. Each workshop will occur at Bee Wise Farms in Newberry, MI and are limited to 30 participants each. 

If you are looking for Open Apiary Hours (June 24, July 15, August 19, September 20 5:30pm - 7:30pm) at Bee Wise Farms, check here.


Spring Splits May 21st, 12pm - 3pm (back-up date in case of weather cancellation June 4): Overwintered colonies must be split in the spring to control colony size to prevent swarming and to expand the size of the apiary, replace losses, or sell nucs. In this 3 hour workshop you will learn how to make splits from overwintered colonies using simple methods. You will learn how to do a walk away split, typical split, and even split. Additionally, participants in this workshop will be able to order queens from us which will be available for pick up the day of the Splits workshop. 

  • Cost of workshop $40
  • Cost per queen (must be ordered at time of registration) $40
    • The queens are newly mated hybrid Pol Line varroa sensitive hygienic (VSH) queens that have been crossed with Sascatraz and New World Carniolan lines. These queens were developed through a partnership between Bee Rock Bees in CA and Bee Wise Farms and have been specifically selected for VSH traits, winter hardiness, and quick spring buildup.

Managing Varroa Effectively June 18, 12pm - 3pm: Managing varroa mites is the most important thing a beekeeper can do to ensure productive and healthy colonies. From our experience, when beekeepers start taking varroa management seriously their bees start to survive year to year. In this workshop, we will discuss varroa mite biology, impact of varroa on honey bees, how to monitor varroa using the sugar roll and alcohol wash, how to determine when to treat for mites, miticide options, and how to develop a full Integrated Pest Management program for varroa mites. You will receive a 1 hour lecture on varroa mites 1 week before the on-ground training to prepare you for the workshop.

  • Cost of workshop $40 each

SUCCESSFUL OVERWINTERING IN NORTHERN CLIMATES: At Bee Wise Farms we are experts in winter bee survival and regularly have winter losses below 10% (often 0%) in some of the most extreme winters in the US. To achieve this, we begin working towards winter survival in July and work through the remainder of the season to ensure our colonies are healthy, stocked with plenty of winter resources, and varroa mites are being effectively managed. In this 3 part workshop series we will instruct you on how to properly prepare your hives to survive extreme winters. 

This workshop series is intended for individuals with some beekeeping experience that are struggling to get their bees to survive in extreme northern climates. A basic understanding of honey bee biology is needed to fully take advantage of all of the information we will be sharing with you. 

  • Cost of workshop $40 each
  • Register for all 3 classes for $115

Part 1 July 9, from 12pm - 3pm: Mid season management - In this workshop we will cover the mid season management you should be doing to ensure your bees are healthy during the most productive time of the season. We will cover mite monitoring methods, action thresholds for mite management, evaluating colony health, and swarm control. You will receive a 1 hour lecture on mid-season management 1 week before the on-ground training to prepare you for the workshop. 

Part 2 August 13, 12pm - 3pm: Late season management - In this workshop we will discuss methods we use in the late part of the season to ensure colonies are ready for winter. August is the most critical month to correct issues and still have time to be prepared for overwintering. We will cover: Late season feeding, evaluating colony strength, combining hives, mite monitoring, late season mite treatments, and queen issues. You will receive a 1 hour lecture on late season management 1 week before the on-ground training to prepare you for the workshop.

Part 3 September 10, 12pm - 3pm: Preparing for overwintering - In this workshop we will cover the step by step instructions for preparing your hive for winter. We will discuss consolidation of resources, evaluating honey reserves, winter set up of the hive, final mite treatments, and what steps to take throughout the winter to ensure survival. You will receive a 1 hour lecture on overwintering 1 week before the on-ground training to prepare you for the workshop.


  • When registering for any class, please include your email & phone number so we may connect with you prior to the class.
  • Once registered, if you are unable to attend the class and communicate this with us, we will provide a refund minus a $15 registration fee (per person).
  • No shows will not receive a refund. 

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