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2022 Spring Nucs from overwintered UP colonies

$185 EACH NUC- 50% DUE NOW ($92.50)

Bee Wise Farms has a limited number of 5 frame medium nucs (our nucs are only produced on medium frames, not deep frames) with Pol Line varroa sensitive queens available for the 2022 season. You will receive your nucs in a Jester Bee EZ nuc box. To reserve your nucs a 50% deposit is due at this time. Remaining balance can be paid at pick up.

Information about our nucs: These nucs come from splits made from our overwintered colonies in Newberry, MI. The queens are new Pol Line varroa sensitive hygienic (VSH) queens produced from stock of the VP Pole Line breeding program. These queens were specifically selected for VSH traits and are one of several lines of queens available in the US with VSH traits.

Note: VSH bees will help with managing varroa levels but there is never a replacement for good monitoring and varroa management, no matter what your queen is bred for.

Projected availability of nucs: Nucs are projected to be available for pick-up sometime from the end of May - mid June 2022 (weather dictates nuc availability). Once we do splits in the spring, we will notify you of projected availability dates.

Order here if you are paying with a credit card or pay pal. When ordering online, please be sure to include an email address and phone number. To pay by check or bank transfer, call us at (906) 291- 3137 or email us at beewisefarms@gmail.com and we'll be happy to send you an invoice.

Refund Policy & Acknowledgment:  Order cancellations must be made at least 30 days prior to package/nuc scheduled pick up date for a full refund (minus 4% if paid by credit card) of your deposit. No refunds will be made on cancellations less than 30 days before scheduled pick up. All purchases made with a credit card will have a 4 % fee assessed on all refunds. 

Pick up location: Bee Wise Farms 10192 State Highway M28, Newberry, MI.

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