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On Farm Experiences

On Farm Experiences

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This 30 minute walking tour includes a short history of Bee Wise Farms, information on our Lavender and cut flower production and a stroll through the forest for some wild harvesting (when seasonally available). We will finish our tour at Bee Wise Farms, Farm Store. A unique experience for those for those traveling through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and looking for a fun, family activity while exploring. Max 10 participants per tour. All ages welcome. 

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This one-of-a-kind experience is for individuals interested in getting up close with our honey bees. This one hour experience will start just outside the bee yard as you learn about honey bee history in Michigan and get introduced to our operation. Next, we get ready with face veils and smokers, and enter the bee yard where you will get to experience the inner workings of a colony of honey bees. You will be guided by Dr. Adam as we open up a colony and investigate all internal components (including the queen, young bees, drones, brood, bee bread and honey) and let you handle a frames of bees (pictures are encouraged). We will wrap up the session with a honey tasting and discussion about the floral resources that make Bee Wise Farms’ honey unique. Truly a unique experience for anyone fascinated by honey bees. Age admitted 18+. No children. Max 6 Participants

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  • $40 for each additional person

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