Our Mission


Our Mission: To Support the health and wellbeing of our community through quality EDUCATION, FOOD, AND PERSONAL/COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT opportunities offered in an agricultural setting

Our Vision: With a focus on community success, we offer personal and professional support through education, local products, mentorship, coaching and nature-based therapies. 

About our Farms

We made a huge transition in 2019 and moved from our home in Lansing, transplanting permanently to our farm in the north, Newberry Michigan to be exact.  

2018- Current
Bee Wise Farms North (Newberry) is a rural farm in the heart of the Upper Peninsula, located on M-28 in Newberry.  Bee Wise Farms North is focused on healthy bees, honey and lavender production and local produce.

2015-2019 - Bee Wise Farms South (Lansing) was an urban farm on the east side of Lansing. We were a perennial farm growing a variety of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, herbs, and cut flowers. Varietal honey that came from BWF South included: wildflower and boxwood honey. 

  • Lora Bruder on

    Hi Bee Wise Farm North Owners! I sure hope to visit your farm sometime soon. I’m so impressed with your bios. I’m from Williamston and seem to be on the east side of Lansing often. I’m curious about where your urban farm was located. So much going on in Lansing ag. On the other side of that coin, the UP is my home away from home (NMU alum) and I love finding out about the farms in the UP. I’m a farmer at heart but became a teacher. We have visited MSUs North Farm several times. We hope to visit yours soon. Best wishes in your adventures in Newberry. Great place to live! Hope to visit you soon.

  • Ruthette E Mills on

    So exciting that Bee Wise Farms has chosen to settle in Newberry! How exciting to have your talents and products here- such a gift to this community!

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