2024 NUCS

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2024 NUCS from Overwintered UP Colonies


$225 DEEP FRAME NUC / $112.50 DUE TODAY 

Nuc Details

Bee Wise Farms offers a limited number of 5 frame nucs (we offer nucs on deep or medium frames) produced from our overwintered colonies in Newberry, MI (our bees never leave the UP). You will receive your nucs in a Jester Bee EZ nuc box. To reserve nucs a 50% deposit (per nucs) is due at this time. All remaining balances will be paid at pick up. 

  • $200 Medium Frame Nucs- These Nucs are on medium frames and are intended for medium hive bodies. 
  • Deep Frame Nucs- These Nucs are on deep frames and are intended for deep hive bodies. 
  • $10 box buy back- 2024 New offering. Receive $10 back for every nuc box you return by July 31, 2024. Boxes must be returned unadulterated
  • Read our cancellation policy prior to purchasing Nucs. 

Queen information 

All nucs come with a marked 2024 New World Carniolan queen. These queens are raised from breeder stock from Sue Cobey’s NWC artificial insemination program and are selected for winter hardiness, excellent honey production, gentle temperament, and hygienic behavior.

Pick Up Information

Pick up is tentatively scheduled for the week of June 3rd but note this is weather dependent and may change. Once we do splits in the spring, we will notify you of the final pick-up dates via email. Be sure to include an email address and phone number when ordering online.

Pick up location: 10192 State HWY M28, Newberry, MI.

Special Offer

With every nuc purchase you will receive a 40% off discount code for our online Beginning Beekeeper’s Course, Beekeeping Above the 45th Parallel. This code will come to you as part of our monthly email update beginning in February.

    Cancellation Policy & Acknowledgement:  

    • A 5% fee applies to all refunds.
    • All balances are due at pick up.  
    • Order cancellations must be made by the end of on APRIL 1, 2024.
    • No refunds will be given on cancellations starting APRIL 2, 2024.
    • Our refunds dates are non-negotiable. We are not a place holder to see if your bee survive winter. Please do not use us for that reason or suggest we can resale the bees you have purchased. Starting April 2, that becomes your responsibly.
    • Once nucs leave our premises, they are your full responsibility.
    • We do not ship nucs. Pick up only at 10192 State HWY M28, Newberry, MI.

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