Winter Hive Check

Lacey Ingrao hive checks hive management honey bees

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  • Cody Elliott on

    Hey There Dr. Adam!

    I heard of beewise farms from some old friends of yours at the Allens Street Farmers Market in Lansing MI. I was referred to you as I mentioned I am a beginner beekeeper (first year) and I am looking for a mentor.

    I had been enrolled in beekeeping school, a course taught in Ann Arbor Michigan, but the arrangement fell through due to the pandemic. As I am in Lansing, an in person meetup might not be possible, I would still love to chat and gather some hard earned knowledge from your experience and maybe I could make good use of it down here in revitalizing the eco-system.

    Feel free to message me back at my email, or my phone number is (517) 256-8616.

    Thank you sincerely for your time reading this and any consideration moving forwards


    Cody Elliott of Lansing Michigan

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