Advancing Young Women Agribusiness Entrepreneurs and Innovations

Advancing Young Women Agribusiness Entrepreneurs and Innovations: A Kenya-Tanzania-Uganda-US Partnership- May 2018 & 2019
In May 2018 we were honored to host Joan Watheri Kinyanju from Keyna  
 Left to Right: Adam, Joan, Lacey at bee yard
Lacey and Joan inspecting a honeybee box.
In May 2019 we were honored to host  Deborah Ruth Amulen from Uganda
 Deborah with bee box
Deborah crafted value added products
Deborah and Lacey inspecting bee boxes
Deborah and Lacey standing with one another
In August of 2018 Lacey participated in the exchange program and with MSU staff and others programs participated traveled to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania. During this exchange trip, Lacey and others visited women/communal owned and operated farms, engaged in cultural exchanges and learned of the innovated and abundant products that farmers, in Eastern Africa, are creating.
Photos featured below are plants typically not grown in Michigan and they were fabulous. 
Passion Fruit Farm
Passion Fruit Farm
Coffee Bean Planting
Cassava Root
Cassava Root- Drying

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